Comparative study between progesterone and estrogene secretion throughout peregnancy stages in Sudan she –camels (Camelus dromedaries)

The present study was designed to compare the hormonal profiles mainly progesterone (P4) and estrogene (Estradiol-17 in Sudan she – camels during pregnancy .

A total of 8 she camels were used for the purpose of this study.  To investigate the hormonal profile during pregnancy, 8 pregnant she camels were used and blood samples were collected at 2 weeks interval started at 2 months of pregnancy till parturition.

Progesterone profile during pregnancy showed level of 4-5 ng/ml for the first three months of gestation, then showed a definite decline to around 3.9 – 3.1 ng/ml at 4 – 12 months of gestation followed by a sharp decline drop to 1.2 ng/ml in late stage of pregnancy (> 12 months of gestation).  The profile of  estrogen concentrations in the peripheral serum during pregnancy remained remarkably steady at average range of 26.5 pg/ml then increased gradually after 8months of gestation to reach 109.6 pg/ml at ten months of gestation. And then rose steeply and steady during last stage of gestation (>10 months) to reach a peak of 275.8 pg/ml at end of gestation.

The results of this study had provided basic information on some hormone profile during pregnancy and suggested that estrogen and progesterone may be utilized as good indicators to predict the fetus life, and time of parturition.

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