University Emblem

The objective of an emblem is to symbolize the University in manner and purpose, as countries do with national flags. The idea behind the University emblem revolves around four features:

1. The Nile
The emblem uses the symbol of the Nile to represent the great civilization of the Nile Valley. The confluence of the two Niles is shown by two converging lines - the Blue Nile on the right and the White Nile on the left which then continues upwards through the emblem as the spine of an open book.

2. The Modern Development of Education
This is depicted by the drawing of the main University building, occupying the space between the Blue and White Nile, with rays emerging from it to enlighten a black background that represents the dispersal of ignorance.

3. The Indigenous Culture
This is shown by the rectangular Meroitic tablet occupying the space between the Main Nile and the White Nile on the left hand page of the open book. The inscriptions in the Meroitic tablet are the four Meroitic letters (right to left) "kh. r. t. m." The tablet of offering with the Meroitic letters and the head of Isis are meant to symbolize dedication, sacrifice, and wisdom as embodied by "Isis". According to the Meroitic, Isis was the mother of generations whose wisdom increased as more and more generations were born.

4. The Motto
The motto occupies the right hand page of the open book. The Arabic writing is intended to reflect the dominant origin and culture of modern Sudan. It reads: Allah - Al-hagiga - Al-watan - Al-insaniyya, [God - Truth - Our Country - Humanity]. The ultimate knowledge of all things is with the Omniscient God. Man has been and shall forever remain pursuing the secrets of creation. The basis of knowledge is truth; the purpose is the elevation of man, our countrymen and fellow-men at large.

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