The University has the following objectives:
• To provide modern educational and research environments that will enable students and researchers to face current challenges and to focus on knowledge as a principle driving force for development.
• To reach international levels in standards, contents and practices while maintaining local values and culture.
• To keep up with the development and the new innovations that occur in the different fields of knowledge as well as to take the initiatives in innovation and creativity.
• To satisfy the increasing demand for excellence in higher education and to ensure the latest quality technology in all its outputs.
• To create an environment in whichthe university lecturers will be able to perform their duties.
• To comply with the international staff / student ratio.
• To promote libraries, laboratories and other teaching facilities to the latest technical standards and maintain their position as a place for interaction between the different components of the university.
• To consolidate the double role of the University as a leading national university and as a ‘mother' for the Sudanese universities.
• To attain a working environment thatenable employees to perform their duties with responsibility, disciplinary actions, transparency and time management.
• To employ information and communication technology to improve University performance with respect to education, research, capacity building, and skills polishing.
• To establish a clear research strategy that would define research priorities and channel research activities to serve national purposes, while focusing on applied and advanced educational research to serve the society.

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